Greetings Lore Seekers!

Tonight The Crimson Minstrel experienced first hand one of the planar collisions of Terminus while hanging out with a man named Skatch on a landlocked ship called The Belle of the Bay.  We are unsure of where (or even when) Fate has dropped them.  What realm will Vhalen find himself in now?  What strange worlds will he adventure in?  He must have had an inclination of something happening to him for he saw fit to leave a note at the Athenaeum of Arcane Sciences in the city of Archway.  Written below is his farewell to his beloved Terminusians.



My time on Terminus is at an end. As with many of the worlds I have trod upon, forces beyond control have descended upon my valiant team and me, leading us on a quest for new realities. My adventures here have come to an end and I shall miss you all for this was a community greater than any I have seen. Smaller than most, but filled with passion greater than all others combined. Together, we nearly shook the pillars of heaven. I hope we can all unite in other realms. There are still great worlds to create, exciting tales to tell and wondrous treasures to discover. For the LORE4 and I this is not farewell but simply… Till Yonder


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