Vurloria, one of the many lands of Oubliette.

Seas of Vurloria

The Boiling Sea
Nearly enveloping the entire east coast of Vurloria, the Boiling Sea is a vast ocean whose basin is comprised of extreme geothermal activity. Bubbling like a cauldron, the water is deadly and can sear flesh from bone.

The Daggerflow
Along the southwest coast of Vurloria is a foggy channel filled with hull crushing spires of rock. With visibility almost always at nil, the channel is deadly to navigate and has sunken numerous ships, leaving the rare powers of flight as the safest form of navigation.

Twister Gulf
Twister Gulf is a large body of water whose climate is a persistent tempest. Waterspouts great and small dominate the furious sea making it highly dangerous. Whirlpools are quick to form, hinting of the oddities that lurk beneath the choppy waves.

Mountains of Vurloria

Icecrown Mountains
Running along the northwest coastline of Vurloria are the diabolically contorted Icecrown Mountains. These are deadly inhospitable peaks that most believe are carved from solid ice… magical ice! Many Vurlorians have died trying to explore this mountain range, frozen to death hours into the ascent.

The Topsy-Turvy
Adjacent to the Icecrown Mountain is the Topsy-Turvy, a collection of unusual hills and mountains. This area gets its name from the lowest elevations being covered in snow while its higher elevations stretch above the mist and offer warmer climes. There are many unique and forms of flora and fauna at the highest peaks.

The Crescent Ridge
The crescent ridge is the longest mountain ranges and runs along the eastern coastline. The crags are jagged and deadly with little flat terrain to support a safe ascent. The minerals that compose these ridges are unlike any other and are impossible to fracture making this an impassible wall of rock.

Motherlode Mountains
Lowest of all mountain ranges, but filled with an abundance of highly valuable gems and minerals, the Motherlode Mountains has long been a bounty for any kingdom that controls it. As of late, each of the witchdoms controls a portion of these heavily mined mountains. Beware the land collapsing beneath your feet.

The Angry Mountains
Loud and unstable, the volcanic range of the Angry Mountains is a dangerous land to navigate. Lava flows from furious peaks and the very ground can collapse into underground rivers of magma. This realm is host to some of the most unusual and dangerous creatures.

The Spur
Small and humble, the Spur is a heavily vegetated mountain range that stretches southward, branching off the Angry Mountains. Much like the jungles below it, the Spur contains hidden ruins of a forgotten people. Hints of the origins of the world of Oubliette are rumored to rest within hidden tunnels and chambers carved deep into the Spur.

Forests of Vurloria

The Mumbling Woods

The northernmost forest of Vurloria is the Mumbling Woods and it is home to a great many conifer trees. Long ago it was the empire of a tree-folk community given life through magic. Following the Timber War, humans claimed the land leaving the surviving tree-folk to hide in secluded thickets of the forest.

Toromanger Forest

The tallest trees in the world of Oubliette can be found in Toromanger Forest. The massive root systems of the great trees sprawls out and create extremely windy and bumpy roads. Somewhere in this woodland lurks the beast called the Toromanger, a creature so feared not even the witches of Vurloria dare face it.

The Pillars

Once part of the Toromanger Forest, the Pillars is a realm of petrified trees that are rumored to have been turned to stone by the magical shrill of the Toromanger. The hilly region has become home to the warring skatchlings and twindlehoods, runty and ratty creatures that prey upon travelers.

The Drowning Mire

Once the most majestic forest in all of Vurloria, this is now a foul smelling cursed marshland. All know it as the Drowning Mire, its true name has been forbidden by order of the witch that rules over this land. While traveling through the muck and mire it is best to stick to the raised roads or risk being swallowed by the land.


Kaleidoscope is an elusive realm that most believe to exist only in the minds of lost and delusional travelers. Few have ever reported its existence and of those, none have been able to retrace their steps. The tranquil woodland bears trees that radiate an array of vibrant colors. Here a single enchanted being resides, said to be the guardian of the oldest of magic of Oubliette.

Monolith Jungle

The extremely humid and hilly Monolith Jungle is graveyard to one of the oldest and lost empires on Oubliette. Ruins from this old society are buried by overgrowth and have been crushed and toppled by the massive roots and vines of the jungle. Two worlds exist here, the dark jungle floors and the treetops where the titanic branches of Monolith Jungle can hold aloft small groves.

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