Greetings Lore Seekers,


Welcome to 2015! As they so often (mis)quote; “Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Lore4 has been silent, but still remains active. Many changes have taken place and some projects must be placed on the shelf to focus all our firepower. Lore4 is still active. But is the team the same? Yes and No.

Lore4 began with… 4! We soon found a great artist to join the quartet and off we were to forging worlds, some of them others and some our own. As we moved forward we had other community members come forward who shared their desire to contribute to various projects or implement their designs. These core devs became the gears that moved Lore4’s various projects. Unfortunately, with personal endeavors and family matters of the team (myself included) it became impossible to keep the aggressive schedule we set forth. For this reason, we are taking a step back to refocus and also support the various individual efforts of team members.

This year I hope to rebuild what Lore4 is and set a schedule for our project and community interactions. I want to focus on establishing the universe of Oubliette before moving forward with the associated projects. As the Lore4 director, I want to be realistic and allow Oubliette to grow at its own rate while allowing various team members to work on external projects.

The growth of Oubliette shall be slow as I take the time to craft the foundation lore of the world so that it may be used for the first project I hope to see completed: Kaleidoscope. I hope to find the right artist that wants to help set the style of the fantasy universe of Oubliette. If you are one or know one, please contact me. Let’s make worlds.

In the coming weeks I shall be adding lore to the site. Every bit shall relate to the fantasy story of Kaleidoscope, a tale that aspires to be both Fantasy RPG and Board Game in the future. Lore4 lives and continues, but new things are on the way. The Slumbering Lore of 2014 shall wake to breath fire in 2015.

Till Yonder

Tony Garcia (Vhalen)

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