Project Kaleidoscope

Greetings Lore Seekers,

The LORE4 are pleased to announce the first of three projects based upon the dark fairytale setting of Oubliette. The RPG called… Kaleidoscope!


“Take your time and I shall take your daughter’s life. It’s not as powerful as the Kaleidoscope, but the loss would be so very entertaining.”Ludwiga, Witch of Vursenvel


Trapped by the psychotic witch, Ludwiga, a bard is forced into a quest for the lost spell of the Vyrm’Sung. You shall have the chance to take the reigns of his odyssey that will span the cursed marshes of Vursenvel and into the dangerous enchanted frontiers of Vurloria. You will search ancient harmonic dungeons, each a key to unlocking the supreme power of the lost spell known only as Kaleidoscope. Will you serve the witch and save your daughter or will you become like those that went before you, lost forever within the Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope will be a mini-RPG where you play as the reluctant hero whose magical power will grow along his journey through Vurloria. It is presented in the charm and retro of early fantasy RPG’s, yet with the dark elements of Oubliette. We expect to complete this project this year and hope to have it available as an APP for download. Stay tuned for more info as our work on this and two other exciting projects continues. The world of Oubliette is lurking in the shadows.

Till Yonder!

Tony “Vhalen” Garcia

LORE4 Director

BELOW: Miserere and Habusa have been plotting out the game world of “Kaleidoscope.”



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  1. Hmm very interesting….

    I must say I’m very keen on the reluctant hero types…
    I’ll keep watching.

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