Hail Lore Seekers,

We here at LORE4 HQ have been hard at work forging the new dark and twisted fairy tale-fantasy realm we call Oubliette. We are currently focused on the land of Vurloria, a medium sized continent in Oubliette. Some have stated that it reminds them of a seahorse or a spiral. Do either of these elements have any direct relation to Vurloria? Yes. Over time we will be releasing lore, images and tales that will hint of that relationship. For now, we are continuing our world building. There is much we will be sharing with you about Vurloria and how people find themselves here. You might have read the tales; “I’ve Returned” and “Till Yonder” at the Athenaeum (www.lorelibarary.com). They hint how some became trapped here and their tales and others will continue to be revealed over time. But back to the map! We will be adding more details to the map of Vurloria as we trickle out lore. These details can be icons or title to new geographical features. The world of Oubliette will always be expanding. This map will be our first step into the world that will play setting for future LORE4 projects. We hope you will join us on this adventure into the world of Oubliette.

Till Yonder!

Tony “Vhalen” Garcia

LORE4 Director

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