Hail Lore Seekers,

The Lore4 would like to welcome you to your first glimpse of a fantasy setting we have been working on and continue to expand upon. This is Oubliette! The first land within this world is known as Vurloria and you shall be learning much more about it in the coming weeks and months. It is a realm of dark fairy tales and wondrous landscapes. It is the plan of the Lore4 to use this as the primary setting for Oubliette projects that we shall reveal at a later date. For now we invite you to look upon the first map returned to this world by one of the “strufflin” that defied the odds and found a way back. Just don’t get caught by the shadows that might try to snatch it back and you with it.

Till Yonder


“Take the damn map… TAKE IT! It’s a bloody beacon for the shadows and I’ll not be goin’ back. NEVER!” – Unknown Strufflin that escaped the world of Oubliette

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